Welcome To Mr Goldberg's Web Page!


Born and raised in the metropolitan Detroit, Michigan area, I earned my undergraduate degree from Michigan State University.  I spent five years living in San Diego, and have resided in the Birmingham, Alabama area since 2007.  During that time I earned a masters degree at UAB, and then taught courses at Virginia College before finding a happy home at Leeds High School.  

I currently teach US Government, Economics, and ACT Prep classes.  

This is my sixth year at LHS and I think it's a great place to teach.....and learn.

I'm also coaching the Debate Team.  If you think you have debating skills, stop by room 352 for more info!

Daily Bell Schedule

1st Period: 7:55-8:49

2nd Period: 8:54-9:43

3rd Period: 9:48-10:37

4th Period: 10:42-11:31 (Lunch)

5th Period: 11:36-12:26

6th Period: 12:31-1:21

7th Period: 1:26-2:15

8th Period: 2:20-3:10